Home is where my dachshund is quilt blanket

Home is where my dachshund is quilt blanket

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Home is where my dachshund is quilt blanket

I can say this. Remote learning is failing these kids. Mine are struggling and with the new way they teach it’s hard to understand what they are doing. My family members are going back on Monday, not because the COVID-19 positivity numbers are noticeably lower. But because they adjusted their safety guidelines. That’s because the media is scaring them. Lol didn’t need a whole study to come to that conclusion haha. Do people know how research works? You have to look at different variables. There are dependent and independent variables. Race is still a variable that researchers look at because there’s usually a pattern. Baltimore schools are just as empty during non pandemic years. Not sure where this info or surveys come from exactly but this doesn’t sound right. So this virus reminds me of the measles effects the body the same way so if you had been vaccinated against the measlrs you might not get coronavirus Home is where my dachshund is quilt blanket

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Isn’t Fauci in charge of the center of disease control. Don’t think I’ll leave it up to the CDC to tell me what’s fact or fake. No thank you. We want to know the real numbers. Total deaths by only COVID. Why not hold this update call on national TV? You’ll reach alot more people. How can we believe a word you say. Yes your right they are plying around with us all the talking heads. Something that the CDC keeps making up for its own agenda. Get lied to by the news don’t need u too. They do not know the truth! They are so full of double entendres. What ever comes out of there mouth can be disputed. It is true the vaccine tastes like peppermint? Facts? Like when the CDC, Surgeon General, and Dr. Fauci stated countless times masks don’t work, and not to wear one? Those kinds of facts?