Hippie She Had The Soul Quilt Blanket

Hippie She Had The Soul Quilt Blanket

Hippie She Had The Soul Quilt Blanket

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President Obama got my votes a couple times. Good speaker ,got along with the press , During bad times in the auto industry he took the reins so to speak The market couldn’t have been much lower when he took office and we survived.. Trump has always been so jealous of you President Obama. He always questioned whether you were a U.S. citizen. He has ruined us all. I’m so thankful that Joe Biden defeated him. He should never been elected. I voted for you both times and Biden this time. I will vote for a Biden again!. Thank You Chief! I am so glad that this took place in all our lives! I loved this 8 years of our country more than any other so far. I’ve lived in the life of humanity and all its bigotries and biases, and for the first time in my life I got to see all of you, my friends, fully free’d. Hippie She Had The Soul Quilt Blanket

Hippie She Had The Soul Quilt Blanket

Hippie She Had The Soul Quilt Blanket 1

Welcome!. During your Presidency I listened to every speech and I was so proud, you were honorable and truthful, I felt safe, you loved the people and it showed. You were a great President.. Brings tears to my eyes! Your presidency changed how I think about America. It changed so much. It made our values more real. More of a real goal that we can achieve! That we must achieve!. A real example of what good family values and morals are all about.. In you, Mr President, we have a strong model to follow to keep going forward. Thank you for this priceless legacy ! Blessed be God for what He allowed from you.. I am so glad you did.It was a calm and lovely eight years.. A million hearts would not be enough. Every day that President Obama was my president, made me feel safe and secure knowing the country was in steady and able hands. Thank you with all my hear, Mr. President! Hippie She Had The Soul Quilt Blanket

Hippie She Had The Soul Quilt Blanket

Hippie She Had The Soul Quilt Blanket 2

You must be able to imagine how many of us missed you from that sad January day in 2017 when you left the White House to today. I hope you are soon to be seated on the SCOTUS where you can use your law experience for all of the people. You and First La… See More. I look back on your years in office with a fondness for what America was and what it could be again. If only decency, honesty and love of others over self were once again modeled and valued from the top down. Sir you were and remain my hero. I’m so grateful to have lived during your Presidency. Intelligence, quick wit (not to mention good looks,) and beautiful family are certainly lacking there today. You are a true class act!. I soaked up EVERY day of your Presidency as an honored and proud American! Eternal gratitude to you and your family.

Hippie She Had The Soul Quilt Blanket 3

It did bring extreme joy and esteem to the black population to witness the first African American President and First Black Family leading the United States – home to immigrants from all over the world, seeking a better place and opportunities! It gave… See More. It was the first time I was proud to carry a US passport and I’m 86 years old.. So articulate, kind and inspirational. Your stature and legacy will be immortal . Having you and your beautiful family in the White House was the best thing that happened to this country for many of us! Thank you for joy you brought to our lives. So sad it had to end.. Your book is wonderful! I’m still listening to the audiobook version and enjoying every minute. Your timing for releasing it was perfect. You always know how to instill hope in people at the perfect time when the country needs you the most. Thank yo… See More

I just want Santa to Grant me one wish all and that you become a President again. Countries like Trinidad can continue with a prime minister as long as they win. We truly miss you. You know every woman fell in love with you old young. .. you are just… See More. Love you so much, our REAL president. We appreciate you and all that your Presidency stood for.. BenjiedeUbago On my list to read his book. I saw the HBO dicumenraey of his 2008 presidential campaign. He has calmness and acts so honorably even when an airhead rep of congress disrespected him at his first of the State of the Nation Address.. He was a great President and a man of God and he wasn’t afraid to admit it!!! Plus the fact that he is a real family man and makes time for his family!!!. I am reading your book right now. Taking my time and hearing your calm, mature voice in my head!
Looking forward to having another real adult in the WH soon!